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MBAM Client Deployment PowerShell Error 0x803d0006 – SCCM OSD in Disconnected/Offline Environments

Whilst deploying MBAM as part of a Windows 10 OSD Task Sequence in SCCM CB the “MbamClientDeployment.ps1” task was failing I was getting the error message shown below in the client “smsts.log” file: I logged into one of the failed … Continue reading

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Run PowerShell Scripts as Windows Scheduled Tasks

It can be useful to have a PowerShell script which runs as a Windows Scheduled task to perform otherwise manual tasks. Being a lazy bugger I like to automate as many boring, shitty tasks as I can so PowerShell and … Continue reading

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How To Deploy & Run PowerShell Scripts via SCCM 2012 R2

A customer recently had a requirement to deploy a PowerShell script to configure a setting for App-V 5.0. Normally I’d do this with a Batch file called “Configure.cmd” containing the code displayed below. This works for the majority of tasks: … Continue reading

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Reset Computer Domain Password/Trust Relationship With PowerShell

Ever had a machine that loses it’s trust relationship with the domain and you’ve had to move to a WORKGROUP then rejoin the domain? With PowerShell you can avoid that time consuming process by using the command below: / JC

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Testing Connectivity Over Any TCP Port

1. PowerShell Since Windows 8.1/Server 2012 R2 you can now test/ping TCP connections over any port using PowerShell. The syntax for the command is as below. This tests if RDP (port 3389) is available on a server called ‘DC01’ – … Continue reading

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