MDT Deployment Power Plan Settings (Sleep, Hibernate etc.) Without GPO

Scenario: You’re deploying laptops via MDT into a Workgroup environment (I.e. no access to Power Plan GPO settings) but want to prevent computers from going to sleep, hibernating or turning off the HDD.

Solution: powercfg.exe

Simply add an MDT Application containing a Batch file a series of powercfg.exe commands.

My example below will disable (i.e. set to ‘0’) the ‘turning off’ of HDD, sleep and hibernation either plugged in (AC) or battery (DC):


powercfg.exe -change disk-timeout-ac 0
powercfg.exe -change disk-timeout-dc 0
powercfg.exe -change standby-timeout-ac 0
powercfg.exe -change standby-timeout-dc 0
powercfg.exe -change hibernate-timeout-ac 0
powercfg.exe -change hibernate-timeout-dc 0

/ JC

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3 Responses to MDT Deployment Power Plan Settings (Sleep, Hibernate etc.) Without GPO

  1. aj says:

    It didn’t work. I tried to run on a laptop it does nothing. Can you please recheck

    • jonconwayuk says:

      Sorry this isn’t working for you aj – this works fine for my customers and I’ve documented exactly how I successfully got it working.

      • aravind anche says:

        Thanks for the reply.
        I took a physical machine and made the power changes and took that .pow file and copied to MDT script folder. and after the deployment i created a batch file to copy that .pow file to system and from that .pow file it will make required changes.


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